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Gifting #4: Pleats

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Pleats are aesthetic, creative and functional. Teachers will tell you to use a ruler for consistency but that's completely optional - wrapping should be fun and require very little equipment.

In my example , I've decided to pleat at the end after 1-2. I've folded in the edge (jagged edge). Paper is pretty pliable so use its natural grain and a pushing motion to help create the pleat. 3. Lift a little on the sides of the paper, flip the edge so the "front" faces you (the "back"), push forward then push back to a desired width (1-2cm for multiple pleats) leaving about 0.5-1cm below it and press down - you are actually creating 3 folds with this motion. Refer to the video for the movement

4. Lastly, you need to do a "half" pleat (actually 2/3) so the pleats face outwards - same as step 3 but without the initial flip.

I've chosen to do parallel pleats on this one but experiment! For skewed pleats, you will need a little extra length that depends on the angle as more paper will be tucked under on one side. You also don't need to start your pleat on the edge like I have - though that's the easiest. To start in the middle of the paper, find the location you want to pleat and follow the same movement - the only difference is the amount of paper you have to handle.


It may be difficult to wrap the sides when the item is horizontal (especially if you have pleats as it skews the paper) so I sometimes create the folds on one side and before sticking it down I flip it over so that the other side is facing up and the side I had folded is on the ground. Once I fold and tape down this side I return to the other side to fix up the folds and tape it down.

Here are some other ideas...

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