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A Little 8 Designs

Welcome to our world of vibrant colours, multi-sensory designs, and the belief that beauty can be found all around us. Finding inspiration from nature, architecture, and the little gestures of a look, gift, or kind word, our philosophy is that art can take us on a personal journey, whatever phase of life we are in. It is never too late to discover or rethink art.

Based in Sydney, Australia, A Little 8's art takes an "interpretative design" approach that focuses on feeling and movement, while maintaining function. Designs of flowing shapes, trailing effects and wistful scenes come straight from daydreams.

A Little 8 creates:

  • multi-media artwork, and

  • innovatively re-designed crafts (or Pennys).

All art is handmade in Australia by a local artist using locally sourced or recycled materials. Designs are consciously planned to minimise material waste and the use of harmful chemicals.

Take a little tour of the artwork on this site and follow us on social media for updates. Visit the Store to make a purchase or send a message through the contact form in Home to commission an artwork or combine an artwork order with a Penny. We ship to most countries.

Prices vary. Please read product descriptions in the store carefully before adding to your cart. Enjoy!

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